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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brux: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

I've enjoyed beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for decades and I've been pleased to see the brewery expand its operations as the market for interesting craft beers has evolved.  I really like the Ovila and Beer Camp limited release lines of beers.  They are fun, interesting, and tasty.

I recently had the opportunity to try a new limited release beer that Sierra Nevada Brewing Company collaborated on with Russian River Brewing Company, called Brux.  The name is short for the yeast they used in secondary fermentation: brettanonyces bruzellensis.  The yeast is a Belgian strain that occurs in the wild near Brussels Belgium.  It's the same yeast that gives lambics and other belgian beers made with wild yeast their unique flavors.  Brux does not disappoint.  The beer is dry and a bit tart with some citrus overtones.  It reminded me of a very dry Champagne.

The back label describes the idea of the beer as "the liquid manifestation of change over time."  Implying that the beer's characteristics will change over time. They go on to encourage the consumer to age the beer for "..many years."  Ok, so I bought an extra for my beer cellar.  Unfortunately, like so many brewers who think their beer might benefit from aging, they do not put a vintage bottling date on the label.  In a year or two I will not remember when I cellared the beer.  Come on brewers--How about a little help?


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