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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tapistry Brewing, Bridgman Michigan

Great beer things have been happening on the West side of Michigan.  One of those things is Tapistry Brewing in Bridgman, Michigan.  The brewery opened in July, 2013 and has been gaining a steady following since then.  A couple of years ago I stopped by the taproom on the way back from Chicago and got to try several wonderful and creative beers.  The taproom was artsy and the food was quite good.  I liked the clean and orderly row of tap handles which was a welcome departure from what you see in most bars and brewpubs.   

Since that visit, I'm finding Tapistry beer all over:  Tapistry beers on tap are regularly featured at Bill's Beer Garden in Ann Arbor, Michigan; I find Tapistry bombers in my favorite beer stores; and the pint-size cans of Reactor IPA fill my refrigerator.  While Tapistry makes some great brews, Reactor has become one of my favorites for Summer drinking.   The beer has a strong hop character and pleasant citrus notes throughout.   At 7% ABV (I had to look this up because they do not print the ABV on the label and I won't hold this against them for now), the beer makes a perfect American IPA pint for sipping at dusk as the fireflies come out.   More to come on this excellent brewery.