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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Samuel Adams Limited Release Beers

The Boston Beer Company continues to produce interesting and satisfying craft brews.  I particularly enjoy their Limited Release series of beers. These beers are self-described as being produced for the beer voyager.  I kinda like that description. Many of the beers in this series are the brewer's version of classic or vintage styles. They are released in 650 ml bottles, each with an interesting label.  Releases that are successful, sometimes come back as a second batch.  Here are the ones I have tried along with a brief description.

Besides having a great name, Cinder Bock is a smoked (rauch) bock style beer (9.4% AV; 25 IBU).

Dark Depths is a heavy Baltic India Pale Ale (7.6% ABV; 55 IBUs) with lots of flavor.  I think this one could use a few more IBUs, but it is still a great beer.

Tasman Red is a Red India Pale Ale (6.75% ABV; 60 IBUs).  The beer highlights Australian hops, particularly ones from Tasmanian and Victoria.  

Griffin's Bow is an English-style Barley wine that has been aged in oak (10% ABV; 45 IBU).  This beer is right on the mark.  Superb.

Norse Legend is a beer style native to the Vikings called sahti (7% ABV; 16 IBU) and features juniper berries  both in the brewing and aging of this beer.   It is a very interesting beer.

Verloren is a gose-style beer (6.0% ABV; 15 IBU).  Prior to having this one, I had never heard of this beer style.  According to brewers, gose is an old German beer style that was common in Leipzig, Germany.  Interestingly, it does not adhere to German Beer Purity Law of Reinheitsgebot, because in addition to water, malt, and hops, the beer has coriander and salt.

The Vixen is a interesting mix of sweet (cinnamon, chocolate) and spicy flavors (chili)--hence the name (8.5% ABV; 20 IBU).  I really like beers that have a subtle chili burn in the aftertaste and this beer has it just right. 

All of these beers have helped me along my personal beer-voyager route. I look forward to the future releases.