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Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi All:

I started this blog for the simple purpose of recording my musings on beer.  I'm an enthusiast of craft beer and have had the good fortune of being able to visit many places with great beer.  I'm also lucky enough to have lived in places where great beer is made and appreciated: Southern/Central California; Washington; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I have collected beer bottles my entire adult life, but not actively.  When I came across a beer that I particularly enjoyed, I saved the bottle.  Eventually, I had a decent collection.  Once people found out about the collection, they would bring be bottles from their travels or hometowns.  Today, I have nearly 1,600.  These images show a small part of the collection.

I'm not entirely sure what I'll write about other than it will be beer-related.  Please feel free to comment, but I will not engage in any "this-beer-is-better-than-that-beer" discussions.  Just enjoy what you please and let others do the same.


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