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Monday, August 29, 2011

Short's Brewing Company

With so many unusually named beer in the Short's pantheon of beers, there were many that I was curious about.  Recently, I came across one called "Key Lime Pie."  This one, in particular, made me nervous.  The label indicted that it was made with marshmallows, lactose, lime, and graham crackers!
The Short's website describes it as follows; "Made with fresh limes, milk sugar, graham cracker, and marshmallow fluff, we were able to recreate this popular dessert into a heavenly drinkable version. The prominent flavors are immensely sweet, yet tart, with subtle hints of graham cracker coming through in the nose and remain on the back of the palate." Source:

So, I shelled out my $2.69 and purchased a single bottle.  It sat in my refrigerator for weeks while I waited for an occasion that seemed appropriate for trying this unusual beer.  Then one day last weekend, my wife said, "When you open that bottle of Key Lime Pie I want to try it." An occasion had presented itself.  

That night I opened the bottle and gave it a try.  It did taste a bit like lime, graham cracker...maybe some marshmallow, but it was way too sweet for me, to my great disappointment.  I gave the rest to my wife, who took one sip and had the same reaction.  Although it is a rarity in my home, we poured out this rest.  Fortunately, I had recently purchased a six-pack of "Ale la Reverend," also from Short's, so I had an excellent alternative.



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