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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trinity Brewing Company

One of the best things about Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas is the high concentration of microbreweries that produce some really great craft beer.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Colorado Springs, which is about a 60 minute drive from Denver.  As part of this trip, we visited the Trinity Brewing Company, located on Garden of the Gods Road.

The front of the Trinity Brewing Company
What a fun little brewery (although they are expanding into the space next door!).  They offered a great selection of their own beer as well as a impressive collection of craft beers from around the country, including one that is brewed about ten miles from my home (Jolly Pumpkin).

A few of the "guest" beers at Trinity
Trinity's selection of beers for the day.
The decor was what I would call "brewpub rustic," with lots of unfinished wood and granite troughs serving as sinks in the bathroom.  The wait staff were superb--friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The atmosphere was very casual and conducive to enjoying some great beer and appetizers.  We could watch the brewing process while we drank and at one point a brewer carried some hoses through the brewpub en route to a different part of the brewery.  The back room had couches and stacks of oak barrels that were aging beers. I really felt like I was visiting a brewery rather than a restaurant.  I consider this a big plus.

Oak barrels aging beer.
Trinity brewpub
We had several appetizers with our samples of beer: Sweet potato fries (with several dipping sauces; Buffalo chicken; and Bacon with maple syrup for dipping.  OK, not that healthy, but it went well with the beers.  Trinity also had a full menu that looked good.
Samplers and appetizers.
They also sold several unique limited release "boomer-sized" bottles.  I purchased an "old Growth Wild Ale, but haven't tried it yet.  The label showed that it was a blend of three oak casks.  Sounded very interesting to me.

Old Growth Wild Ale label.
 I highly recommend this brewpub to anyone who likes craft beer.


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