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Friday, February 17, 2012


Earlier this month I wrote about ordering some beer from the BrewDog Brewery.  Although all of these beers were splendid, I was also in for a surprise.  One of the beers I had ordered was called Abstrakt: 08.  I researched the beer and found its website (Ok it is on the back label):

 According to the website the beer was supposed to be a deconstructed blond imperial stout.  “What?” I asked myself.  How can the words “blond” and “stout” be used in the same description?  As I read more, I was intrigued by the whole Abstract concept.  Each beer that they brew is a one-time-only production.  And, each is brewed in limited quantities.  What a great marketing scheme.  The labels are minimalist in design, with just enough information to make you want to search the Internet for more information.  

One side of my brain said: “Celler it and enjoy it later.  At 11.8% alcohol, it will age marvelously.”  The other side of my brain said, “I wonder what a blond imperial stout tastes like. Try it now.”  Well, it really was no contest—I opened it.  The beer is truly unique, with lots of interesting flavors: coffee, malt, chocolate, etc.  There was really nothing about it that said “stout” to me, but who cares?  The beer was a delight.  Now I’ve got figure out a way to try some of the other Abstrakt beers.


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