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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Samuel Adams Infinium

I very much enjoy when a brewer strives to make something unique and special.  The Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) caught my eye in 1994, when they released their first batch of Tripple Bock. At 17.5% ABV and little to no carbonation, the beer was more like a sherry than a beer. With its blue glass bottle and gold silk screened labeling, it was a beauty for a collector like me. I purchased several, but over the years I have consumed them with various friends who appreciate craft beers.

1994 Samuel Adams Tripple Bock
Over the years, Samuel Adams has periodically produced new specialty beers including: Millennium (1999); Utopias (2002); Imperial Pilsner (2008); and Infinium (2011).  The latter I recently tried.  Infinium is brewed in collaboration with the German Brewery Weihenstephan, who lays claim to being the world's oldest brewery.  According to the brewers, the goal of the Infinium project was to create a completely new beer style, while adhering to the famous German beer purity laws that only allow 4 ingredients in a beer. What they ended up with is a beer that tastes and looks a bit like sparkling wine, except that the beverage maintains a nice head after pouring.

2011 Samuel Adams Infinium
The beer is really very nice and refreshing and would be great for celebrating a special occasion.  Good job Boston Beer Company! I look forward to their next specialty beer.


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