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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Frankenmuth New Year Stout 2012

I was very pleased to score 4 of the 801 bottles of this year's Frankenmuth New Year Stout.

One of the really cool things about the bottles is that each one is signed by the brewer Jeff Coon.  I talked with a couple of beer store owners to see if they were going to get any of the very limited production beers and two let me know when they came in.  I hurried over to the stores to make sure a got some.

I bought two at each store, but the last bottle I purchased had an extra surprise--a handwritten message above the brewers signature that said, "Julie Laughs Like She is Wasted."  I can just imagine how much fun the bottle signing party must have been.

Anyone know Julie?


Addendum:  I asked the brewer and found out that Julie is his daughter!


  1. I AM JULIE!!!! And I do laugh like that, when I am completely sober! :)

  2. Nice to meet you Julie! Cheers!