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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dragonmead Microbrewery

I've always liked the medieval theme (castles, swords, wenches, and the like), and I have long enjoyed bottled beers from the Dragonmead Microbrewery (in particular, Final Absolution Trippel and Armageddon Grand Cru). So, visiting the brewery in Warren, MI was a distinct pleasure.  Here's their website:

I've been to the brewery a couple of times and have yet to be disappointed.  The brewery is located on a service road next to the busy Interstate 696.  You have to know that it is there, because you will never just happen across it.  This adds to the mystic, m'thinks. 

The interior is dark, hardwood decorated with flags, banners, coats of arms, suits of armor, and other medieval accouterments.  The numerous award they have won are also part of the decor.

They also have some fun stained glass windows and mosaic work around the tap handles.  The brewery website tells you about the artwork and the names the artist.

The selection of beer is simply amazing. How can they have so many beers on tap?  I counted 46 beers on the menu.  They were out of just three of them according to a chalk board.  Fortunately, they have hefty samplers (6 oz I think).  To order them, they give you a card to fill out, and that card serves as the identification for the samplers.  Between my entire party, we still did not get to try them all.

They also have "snacks" or so we thought.  We order the cheese and crackers.  The waitress rattled off the many types of cheese--we choose white cheddar.  When it arrived, it was a large hunk of cheese and unlimited crackers.  Pretzels and hot mustard was also brought. It was more than enough for sharing among a party of four.  A wonderful way to sample for few dozen beers!

I look forward to my next visit.



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