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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black Lotus Brewery

I visited the Black Lotus  Brewery in Clawson, Michigan recently.  I had heard great things about the brewpub, so I was interested in checking it out.

It is located on a urban intersection near Madison Heights.  The place really did have potential.  There's a golf simulator connected to the taproom and the brewpub had sandwiches, burgers, salads, and pub-style appetizers.  And, of course, local craft beer.  Even better, they had a burger and beer special, six bucks for the combo.

Smiles at the Black Lotus Brewery and Restaurant
We all ordered our burgers and pints.  The pub was small, but fairly busy for an early Saturday afternoon.  There were several families there, with the little ones enjoying burgers and Mom and Dad having a pint.  Our beers finally arrived.  I usually order one of the heaviest beers on the menu, so I had an oatmeal stout.  It was pretty good, although not as heavy-bodied as I would have expected for this style of stout.  Others at my table had an apricot wheat (nice flavor),  an ESB (not nearly bitter enough for the style), a Hefeweizen (underwhelming), and a Pilsner (almost no color, watery, and an off taste that made me think it needed to lager for awhile.) All-in-all a disappointment on the craft beer side.  My companions told me that in past visits the beer had been much better, so I'll have to come back sometime.

We had time to finish our pints and order more  before our burgers finally arrived.  The service was slow, but functional and the burgers hit the spot.  I'd like to try the place when the golf simulator was open.  Beer, burgers, and golf...sounds like fun to me.



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