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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dark Horse Brewing Company

I finally had a chance to make the hour drive from Ann Arbor to Marshal, Michigan to visit the Dark Horse Brewing Company.  I've been enjoying beer from this company for years, including serving a keg of Crooked Tree IPA at my last birthday party.

From the outside, the place looks a bit rundown, but I think this works well with the "Marshal-old-West" theme.  The exterior is wood shingles, with a variety of ornaments, including a keg on a pole. On the same lot is a skate shop and a Harley shop.

The first thing you notice when you enter the establishment are the thousands of ceramic beer mugs hanging from the ceiling and walls.  There are literally thousands and each one looks to be unique.  They are all numbered and each has it's specific place so that mug-club patrons can find their mugs.


We tried several of the beer and all were very good.  They don't have samplers, but they will give you a taste of whatever you want to try.  They will serve you a half pint, which turned out to be a great deal, because they usually arrived in a pint glass filled about three-quarters full.  The beer server explained that she was bad at math.  She also bantered with us about the beer and the menu.  Speaking of the food, they had a surprising variety of sandwiches, pizzas, and appetizers.  All of the food we ordered was really great.

Overall, this is a excellent brewpub that makes great beer, has a slightly off-center attitude, and good food to top it off.  Highly recommended.



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