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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sanders Chocolate Stout

I'm not generally a fan of chocolate-flavored beers, but I'm always looking to try new beers.  Yesterday I came across a Sanders Chocolate Stout from the Detroit Beer Company.  I had tried this special beer last year, the first time it was offered.  My recollection was that the beer was only average, but like other seasonal beers, the recipes change from year to year, so I thought I would give it another try.

2010 Edition
2011 Edition

There must be a storied history behind this beer and its makers.  First of all, neither versions of this beer were brewed by the Detroit Brewing Company.  In 2010, the label said the beer was brewed by the Detroit Rivertown Brewing Company.  I could find no record of this brewery in my searches.  The 2011 version was contract-brewed by Liquid Manufacturing in Brighton, Michigan.  An internet search for this company revealed some disturbing facts including  a warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration.  URL: Not exactly who I would trust with my special holiday beer.  Also interesting is the fact that the "Detroit Brewing Company" does not seem to exist.  Instead, that Internet site directs you to the "Detroit Beer Company."  Which is it folks??  Pick a name.

The Sanders part of the title is a well known candy company in Detroit, who contributed the cocoa that was used in the beer.  The 2011 edition of Sanders Chocolate Stout was pleasant.  The chocolate flavor was subtle and well balanced with other flavors.  The beer was not as heavy or as full-bodied as I expect in a stout--it was more like a porter.  All-in-all, this beer is worth a try.


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