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Monday, April 29, 2013

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company: New Bottled Beers

It is always fun to see a new beer on the market and it is doubly fun when it is from a brewery that I really like.  I have been a fan of Kuhnhenn Brewing Company ever since I visited the brewpub a few years ago.  The Kuhnhenn family makes a variety of beer styles (and also mead) and most of these beers are top-notch.  The only problem is that Warren, MI is too far for me to visit this brewery on a regular basis and I can rarely find Kuhnhenn beer in bottles at my local beer store.  So, I was quite pleased to find two beers recently at my favorite beer store in Ann Arbor, MI—the Wine Seller.  (I know the name is ironic, but they have a great selection of beer and very knowledgeable and pleasant owners and staff.) 

One of the beers was called: A Few Shillings Too Many Ale.  This is an excellent, and slightly boozy (11.0% abv) Scotch Ale. I had tried this beer at the Warren taproom and was pleased to now have a label that identified the beer (although the label is a bit boring).  The beer was worth every shilling I spent on it. 

The second beer was called Alderbaron Ale, a Belgian IPA (9.25% abv).  This hoppy, high gravity beer was a pleasure to taste and I don’t remember ever having seen it at the taproom.  The name is Arabic and translates as “the follower.”  More on the name’s celestial meaning can be found on the label.  Cool name and a pleasurable beer.

I hope that this brewery continues to get some of their beers out in bottles for all of us who cannot frequent the taproom but still want to enjoy some of the best craft beer that Michigan has to offer.


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